- Basic chess endgame mates:

The King + the Queen vs the King
The King + the Rook vs the King
The King + double Bishop vs a King
The King + 2 Rooks vs The King
The King + 2 Bishops vs King
The King + Knight + Bishop vs The King
The King + 2 Knights vs King

- The Fork, the pin and the skewer
What is the fork or the pin or the skewer ?

- What is zugzwang ?
Zugzwang in chess.

- What is gambit ?
Queen's gambit ,Scotch, Evans King gambits

-Chess openings
Most popular openings: King's pawn openings, Queen's Pawn Openings, Queen's Pawn Openings, Ruy Lopez, Giuoco Piano, Queen's Gambit Accepted , Declined, Gruenfeld Defence , more ...

- Chess opening principles
How should you play the chess openings ?

- Checkmate patterns
Checkmate patterns like back rank checkmate, epaulette, smother, fool's , scholar's mate


- Bad Bishop vs Good Knight:
What is a bad bishop ? What is a good knight in chess ?

- Weak Squares:
What is a weak square ? How can you take advantage of it ?

- Chess sacrifices:
How must should you do sacrifices in order to win when you play chess ?
Can you sacrifice your queen ?

- Rooks and pawns endgames
What is your endgame strategy if you have a rook and a pawn ?

- Chess traps
How to prepare chess traps ?

- Chess swindle
Tricking your opponent with chess swindle ?

- Pawn endgames
Pawn endgames, how to use your pawns in the endgames when you play chess.
Basic and advanced pawn endgames examples.
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