Classification of chess openings

King's pawn openings, open games 1. e4 e5: King's Gambit, Giuoco Piano (or Italian Opening) Two Knights Defence , Ruy Lopez (or Spanish Opening) , Petroff's Defence , Scotch Game , Vienna Game , Four Knights Game , Three Knights Opening , Philidor's Defence , and more ...

Semi-Open Games 1.e4 other than e5 (c6,c5,e6,Nf6,Nc6): Alekhine Defence , Caro-Kann Defence , French Defence, Sicilian Defence , Pirc Defence , Nimzowitsch Defence , more ..

Closed games: 1.d4 d5Queen's Gambit, Slav Defense, Colle System, Torre Attack

Indian Defences : Catalan, Nimzo-Indian, Queen's Indian Defence , King's Indian Defence , Gruenfeld Defence , Modern Benoni Defence

Non-Indian Defences Dutch Defence more ...

Other openings ( other than 1.e4 or d4) Réti Opening, English Opening and more ...

e4 openings

d4 openings

Other openings

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